Drain Blockage Removal and Drain Unblocking in Melbourne

If you notice a build-up of water while you’re in the shower, or if the water in the kitchen sink isn’t emptying as it should, then it’s likely that a drain blockage is preventing the water from passing through. Common drain blockages include foreign objects that have either intentionally or unintentionally found their way down the hole, build-ups of hair in the shower, grease or fat products that have been washed down the kitchen sink, and even disposable nappies and baby wipes that have been flushed down the toilet. Fortunately, the blocked drain specialists at Better Plumbing Solutions have the necessary expertise in drain blockage plumbing to get yours back in working order. Meeting the needs of locals with blocked drains in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs, discover how we can help you today.

Why Drain Blockage Removal is Important

A blocked drain in your Melbourne home might seem like ‘just’ an inconvenience, but if left too long, it can potentially lead to health problems and even cause damage to your residential or commercial property. Water that hasn’t drained and lies stagnant can start to develop a strange smell that makes its way through the premises and, for people susceptible to them, cause headaches. The water can also compromise the structural integrity of the house by leaking into the corners and foundations. Stale water can also attract mosquitoes and other disease carrying pests and insects that can lead to future health problems. By calling Better Plumbing Solutions for a blocked drain plumber in Melbourne, you can avoid these problems and live in a happy and healthy home.

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