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Hot Water Service in Melbourne

The hot water service in our home or apartment is something most of us simply take for granted – until it starts to break down. There’s nothing worse than feeling the water suddenly turn ice-cold when you’re standing in the shower. If your hot water system hasn’t been maintained or serviced in a long time, it’s highly likely to be faulty. If you need a reassessment or a partial or complete repair of your hot water service in Melbourne, call on the trusted professionals at Better Plumbing Solutions to get the job done right.

Installation of New Hot Water Service Systems

Moving into a newly built property? If you haven’t yet sorted out your hot water service for your Melbourne home or apartment, you can count on Better Plumbing Solutions to install energy efficient hot water systems that provide instant hot water to your property. We’ll discuss your living situation with you (e.g. house or apartment, number of people living on the premises) in order to provide you with the best options. Whether you opt for gas, electric, heat pump or the government rebated solar hot water service, you can be assured of quality performance 24/7. Speak to a qualified professional about our better plumbing solutions today.

Hot Water Service Repairs

Better Plumbing Solutions aims to provide same-day emergency hot water service repairs in metropolitan Melbourne. If your hot water service has stopped producing heated water, the hot water cylinder is leaking, or there is no water coming from the hot water tap, give Better Plumbing Solutions a call to arrange repairs. We service all major brands, including Rheem, Bosch, Rinnai, Vulcan and many more.

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