Hot Water Service Replacement
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Hot Water System Replacement

It can be a tough call knowing whether a hot water system can still be repaired or if you need to organise a hot water system replacement. Fortunately, Better Plumbing Solutions specialises in hot water service replacement for homes and businesses in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. By taking into account the following four points of consideration, you can ascertain whether or not you need to move forward with a repair or replacement of your existing system.

The Age of Your Hot Water Service

A hot water service will typically last between 8 and 12 years. As a general rule, anything 10 years old and over showing signs of reduced performance should undergo a hot water service replacement. The manufacturer will be able to tell you the expected lifespan of the unit, with the manufacture details likely appearing somewhere on the unit. You might end up being the exception to the rule and not require a hot water system replacement just yet, but once it hits 15-20 years of life, the installation of a new unit will become increasingly more likely.

The Unit Isn’t Producing Hot Water

You might find over time that your hot water system is no longer capable of giving you a complete hot shower without cutting out partway through, or that it might not even produce hot water at all. This could come down to something as simple as an element that is broken or a thermostat that needs replacing, but it could also be a sign that a complete hot water service replacement is necessary.

A Build-Up of Sludge around the Fittings

If you notice that there is a rust or sludge build-up around the fittings, it’s likely that you might have a leak that is causing oxidisation. These leaks can be particularly hard to fix, so it’s best to leave it in the hands of an experienced hot water system replacement plumber.

A Noticeable Hissing Noise Coming from the Tank

Hearing a sizzling-like noise coming from your hot water tank? This is typically a warning sign that your existing unit is nearing the end and a hot water service replacement is imminent.

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