Are Blocked Drains Covered by Home Insurance?

Blocked drains are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only are they messy and inconvenient, but they have the potential to cause a large amount of damage to your home. For this reason, it’s important to get drains unblocked as soon as you notice early signs of a blockage, such as unusual odours coming from the drain, slow draining water, or gurgling noises that indicate air trapped in the pipeline.

But who pays for the cost of drain repair in Berwick or beyond? You might be wondering if your home insurance will cover the cost. The short answer is no, the cost of repairing blocked drains isn’t covered by home insurance. However, it’s possible for any damage that arises as a result of a blocked drain to be covered by insurance. This means if your blocked drain has resulted in damage to your floors, walls or other surfaces, the cost of repairing this damage may be covered. Continue reading to learn more about factors that can affect coverage.

Factors That Can Affect Insurance Coverage

  • The specific policy – Policies can differ from one insurance company to another, meaning that what’s covered by one insurance company won’t necessarily be covered by another. It’s important to read through your policy carefully to understand what’s covered and what isn’t. You can also contact your insurance company directly to clarify in case you’re uncertain.
  • Location – The location of a drain can determine who holds responsibility for it and whether any damage caused by it will be covered by your insurance. This means that if the drain that has caused damage to your property is on your neighbour’s property, they may be responsible for the damage, and your insurance policy may not cover it.
  • Poorly maintained drains – Some insurance policies stipulate that coverage isn’t provided when reasonable maintenance hasn’t been regularly performed. If your drains are in a bad state that leads to them becoming blocked, and if the resulting damage could have been prevented, it’s possible for an insurance company to not cover the cost.

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