How Does a Licensed Plumber Handle Water Leak Detection?

Water leaks are one of the most common and frustrating plumbing issues. Even the smallest leak can lead to structural damage and significantly higher water bills. Finding the source of a leak and taking care of it can be tricky, requiring specialised knowledge and equipment. That’s why you should get in a professional who is trained and experienced in handling water leaks. They can use their knowledge and skills to determine where a leak is coming from using acoustic listening devices, thermal imaging, CCTV cameras, and other highly effective methods. This blog post takes a look at how licensed local plumbers in Narre Warren and beyond handle water leak detection.

Acoustic Listening Devices

Ground microphones are basic tools that qualified plumbers use to uncover and pinpoint water leaks in pressurised pipes located underground. These tools use cutting-edge sound technology to characterise and differentiate the sound of a leak from the sound of normal water flow through the system. They can reliably hear water escaping or dripping even through one or more layers of concrete, helping to locate and rectify water leaks of all severities.

Thermal Imaging

Some leaks are located in areas that are too noisy or too deep for acoustic listening devices to find. In these situations, plumbers can employ thermal imaging equipment. Leaking water can cause a noticeable shift in temperature which heat scanners can pick up. While not considered the number one choice for detecting water leaks, it’s still a reliable and effective method that has been used to diagnose leaks.

Video Pipe Inspection Equipment

Using miniaturised cameras, plumbers can provide extremely precise water leak detection. Mounted on long fibre optic cables, these cameras can send images to a monitor which allows the plumber to assess the condition of a pipe in real-time. Not only does this nail down the exact location of the leak, but it also provides extra information that can assist them in repairing the leak. This includes the cause and severity of the leak, ensuring that the correct method is applied for the best possible outcome.

Monitoring of Water Meters

Water meters are usually found in your front garden and can help plumbers determine whether there’s a water leak somewhere on your property. They can turn off all of your taps, and if the water meter still moves, there’s a chance that escaping water might be responsible. This isn’t a particularly accurate way of detecting water leaks and won’t determine their location, but it can be a good first step before taking further measures that are more involved.

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