How to Find a Water Leak Inside a Wall

Before we jump right to the steps for finding a water leak inside wall, it’s important to first mention some of the signs there could be a water leak occurring behind a wall. Common signs include:

  • Discoloured walls
  • Mould in unusual areas
  • Wet areas or walls
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Warped floor or ceiling
  • Musty smell
  • Pools of water
  • Dripping noises
  • High water bills

If you notice any of these signs, be aware that you could have a leak inside your wall. This is a very serious issue that necessitates immediate water leak detection to prevent massive damage to your property and the growth of mould, which can have a number of negative health effects.

What Do I Do if I Suspect a Water Leak Inside a Wall?

One option is to call a leak detection plumber in Berwick to identify and fix the problem.  However, if you prefer to diagnose the issue without getting the professionals involved so soon, you’ll need to work out if the leak is caused by your plumbing or if it’s originating from within a wall. How do you do that? Here’s a simple method to follow for water leak detection:

Step 1: Turn off everything that uses water in your home.

Step 2: Record the number on your water meter

Step 3: Wait at least 3 hours, and don’t use any water during this time.

Step 4: Check the number again on the water meter. If it has changed, the leak is in your plumbing. If it hasn’t, then the leak is in your wall or ceiling.

At this point, you really do need to call in a professional for plumbing leak detection in Berwick to carry out further tests in your home to identify the issue. A plumber will have all the relevant technology such as a moisture meter and infrared camera to ascertain what is going on.

Call Better Plumbing Solutions Today for Water Leak Detection

If you need help with plumbing leak detection in Berwick, call Better Plumbing Solutions today. We’ve got the necessary knowledge and technology to carry out effective water leak detection. Get that leak sorted out today before it causes damage to your house and your health – call us on 0468 582 686.

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