How to Repair a Shower Diverter

A shower diverter is the device that diverts water from your bath spout to your showerhead. There are a range of different types of diverters that work in different ways, but all of them are relatively easy to repair when you follow the below instructions. If for any reason you still cannot fix your shower diverter, you may need to call in our plumbers in Emerald, VIC.

Is My Shower Diverter Broken?

There’s a simple way to find out if your shower diverter is broken, and whether you need to repair it yourself or possibly arrange plumbing services in Berwick. Just flip the switch of your shower diverter and see what happens when the tap turns on. Does the water continue to pour into the bathtub, or does it shift to come out of the showerhead? If it fails to divert to the showerhead, then you’ve got a problem, but thankfully it can usually be fixed with a bit of DIY.

How Do I Fix My Shower Diverter?

  • Switch off the water supply.
  • Tape up your drainpipe to stop small parts from falling down the drain.
  • Make sure the screws behind the faceplate of the diverter valve are tight.
  • Take apart the shower diverter. If it has a rotating valve, unscrew the nut and take out the whole valve.
  • Now add in the new diverter, screwing it into place if necessary. Use a wrench to tighten.
  • Turn on the water again and switch the diverter into place. See if your showerhead is working properly now and watch out for drips or leaks from the bath faucet.

If your DIY repairs don’t have an effect, you might need to hire a plumber in Emerald VIC to help you find a solution to this problem. An experienced Berwick plumber will be able to find a resolution so you won’t have to be inconvenienced by not having a fully functional shower.

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