Myths about Drain Cleaning

There are many myths floating around about drain cleaning that people fall prey to. These plumbing myths can cause a lot more harm than good, exacerbating problems or creating entirely new ones for them to deal with, and making it even costlier and more time consuming to fix. They say that knowledge is power – and that’s definitely true when it comes to all thing plumbing. Being aware of common myths about drain cleaning can help you avoid them, and this blog aims to help you do just that, ensuring you can find effective plumbing solutions in Emerald as opposed to trying ineffective methods. Here are some of the most common myths about drain cleaning:

All Drains Are Identical

Just because every drain in your home leads to the main sewer doesn’t mean they’re all the same in terms of how they work. For example, drain pipes for sinks and showers work differently from drain pipes for toilets. People who think that every drain is indistinguishable can cause more damage without the proper knowledge, tools and methods. It’s important to remember that every drain has different properties and that the correct cleaning procedure will vary.

Chemicals Are Effective

Many people believe they can clear blocked drains with store-bought chemicals, but this isn’t true in the event of moderate to serious clogging. These chemicals merely sit atop the clog, corroding the pipes and creating more problems as opposed to solving the underlying issue. They can also produce harmful fumes that burn the skin and damage the environment. Using a professional and well-equipped plumber is infinitely more beneficial for both you and your drains.

Any Plumber Can Help

Most plumbers offer drain cleaning as part of their service, but not all of them will qualify as experts in this area. They might be able to help, but the extent to which they can address the underlying issue and deliver results might be limited. For the best outcome, it’s better to request assistance from a plumber that specialises in drain cleaning. These trained professionals have greater expertise, more advanced tools, and better methods to get the job done properly no matter how serious it is.

Cleaning Drains is Costly

It’s common for people to think that blocked drains are serious problems that are expensive to fix. On the contrary, acting quickly to fix a clog can be simple and affordable. A prompt response prevents additional problems and damage from occurring, which could make the clog costlier to fix down the track. A professional can use a drain camera to accurately diagnose the problem and recommend a suitable solution that will save you money in the long-term.

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