Natural Drain Cleaning For Your Blocked Drains

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If you’ve ever had a blocked drain, you will understand how embarrassing it can be.

Somewhere between the potato peels and bone broth soup, your kitchen drain might give up and start regurgitating stinking, brown water.

In such an event, you might feel the urge to use commercial drain cleaners to unblock a backed up sink and clean your slow flowing drain.

Unfortunately, commercial drain cleaners are toxic and could pose a health hazard to you.

As a result, you should learn to naturally clean your clogged drain without exposing yourself to toxins.

Before we jump into the ways to naturally clean your blocked drain, let’s look at the causes of drain clogs.


The Causes of Clogged Drains

You can’t clean your drain if you cannot identify the cause of the clog or blockage. Most drain blockages are as a result of four things:

1. Fat and Grease

These substances are the leading cause of clogged sinks as well as slow draining sinks. They will go down your drain smoothly in liquid form, but once they cool, they coat the inside of your pipes reducing the cross-sectional area until there is a complete blockage.

2. Food particles

Vegetable peels or large food particles that are trapped in the curved pipe under your sink are al so a major cause of kitchen drain clogs.

3. Hair

hair clogging drains

This is mainly the case of bathroom drain clogs. Hair will easily go down the drain, build up, and result in a blocked drain.

4. Soap scum

Soap particles and residue can coat your pipe’s interior and result in blockage. In some instances, this build-up could corrode your pipes.


A Natural Drain Cleaning Guide

Now that you have an idea of what could be causing the blockage, here are some tools and tricks that will help you clean your drain naturally.


1. A Plunger

plunger to unclog drains

This tool works on objects or food particles stuck in the p-trap under your sink.

To use this tool, you’ll need to fill your sink close to halfway with hot water then give it a good plunging with a plunger.

This tool will dislodge all stuck food particles and push them down the drain pipe. After plunging, rinse the drain with hot water.

2. Long Wire Hook

This tool works well on small objects or hair stuck in your bathroom drain. Create a small hook by bending a long wire and insert it as far as it can go into the drain.

Then pull the wire back up and remove the debris trapped on the hook. Do this several times until your drain is free of debris.

3. Biological Enzyme Cleaner

If you’re dealing with organic-based clogs, like soap, hair, and grease, you need a natural cleaner.

These cleaners are best used on a slow-draining kitchen drain and break down the organic material so that it is easily washed away.

And besides cleaning, enzyme cleaners help keep your drain free of odours.

When it comes to drain cleaning, you must not expose yourself to hazardous chemicals to get the job done. Going the natural way will still get the job done perfectly.
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