Can You Put Coffee Grounds Down the Sink?

There are many myths circulating the internet that claim putting coffee grounds down the sink can help alleviate sink smells. But in reality, the only thing that will happen when you put coffee grounds down the sink is a clog, and you’ll find yourself having to call a blocked drain plumber pronto. It’s true that you might not see any problems straight away, and you may think that your coffee grounds are being swept away down the skin never to be seen again. But that’s where you’re wrong, as coffee grounds don’t break down in water – they’re actually very hard. Additionally, if they come into contact with fats in the sink system, they can become stuck together and easily clog your sink. That means you’ll be calling a plumber for blocked drains in Berwick before you know it!

So, What Should I Do with Coffee Grounds?

Here’s a list of useful things you can do with your leftover coffee grounds that won’t necessitate a call out from a blocked drain plumber:

  • Pop a container of grounds in your fridge to soak up food odours
  • Distribute grounds among your plants to dissuade insects from attacking
  • Put them in your trash bin
  • Use a small amount of grounds as exfoliator with coconut oil
  • Use grounds as fertiliser for plants
  • Compost grounds to improve soil
  • Use as a pet shampoo for flea treatment

How Do I Freshen Up My Sink?

While you don’t want to be putting strange things like coffee grounds and lemon wedges in your sink system, there’s one easy way of combatting smells coming from your pipes. We recommend that once a month you simply add a small amount of degreaser dish soap down the sink and run the hot tap for 30 seconds. Other than that, it’s best to avoid putting any kitchen scraps down your sink to prevent odours and avoid having to call plumbers for blocked drains in Berwick.

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