Common Items That Should Never Go Down Your Drains

Why should you be protective of your drains? You need to be careful what you put down your drains to avoid causing blockages that you’ll need a blocked drain plumber to come out and rectify. Drain clearing is not fun, and it can also be an expensive exercise, but fortunately, there are some ways to avoid getting a clogged drain in the first place. Read on to find out some of the culprits of blocked drains in your home as well as some things you should never put down your drains for health and environmental reasons. You’ll likely need a blocked drain plumber much less often when you learn what not to put down your drains.

Flushable Kitty Litter

It seems to make sense that when something is called ‘flushable’ that it should be okay to flush down the toilet. But unfortunately, marketers lie, and what is termed flushable is often anything but. Such is the case of flushable kitty litter, which is known for more than a few occasions of needing to call a blocked drain plumber.

Coffee Grinds

Coffee grinds can be difficult to dispose of, and so many people choose to simply wash them down the kitchen sink. But this is one of the worst places for them to go, as they can cause clogged kitchen drains to the point of needing drain clearing to sort the mess out.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Sometimes when there’s not adequate opportunity for proper disposal of feminine hygiene product, women may feel compelled to flush them down the toilet. But this is often the cause of heavily blocked drains and should be avoided. A blocked drain plumber will often find feminine hygiene products to be the cause of a clogged pipe.

Need a Blocked Drain Plumber?

If something has gone down your drain and caused a problem, don’t panic. Here at Better Plumbing Solutions, we’ve seen everything and are capable of performing drain clearing no matter what the circumstances. Our blocked drain plumber will come out promptly to your residence or commercial building, diagnose the problem with our high-tech tools, and quickly resolve the problem. Need help today? Call us now on 0468 582 686.

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